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  • The Arrow Revolution stand alone touch screen lock is recommended for healthcare facilities, offices, retail environments, multi-family, hospitality, government facilities, as well as K-12 school environments.
  • The non-handed Steel Hawk 4300 is by far the easiest way to electrify an aluminum entrance door. The new design allows it to adapt to any door swing right out of the box.
  • Best Lock Co. original equipment cores are now in stock.
  • If you want a fast & easy to install wireless lock that communicates with an existing electronic access control system, then the K100 Aperio Lock is for you.
  • Many formerly restricted Best key blank sections such as WA, WB, etc. are now readily available.
  • If you use Coax Cable, you need one of these.

  Why Choose Maziuk?

Why Choose Maziuk?

History matters.  People matter.  Relationships matter.

We’re proud of the fact you can purchase material from Maziuk with just a few mouse clicks.  But there are many places you can buy keys and connectors from.  In the long term scheme of things, is your supplier going to help you take care of your business?  You will find the answer in the type of relationship you and your supplier have.  Are they listening to your requests?  Do they take time to get to know you?  When a problem or a difficult situation occurs, are they willing to step up to the plate?

Maziuk has been providing security hardware for almost seventy years.  We understand the latest in fire protection and video surveillance, but also still have (a few) key blanks for 1934 Chrysler cars in stock.  We represent many of the finest manufacturers in the industry.  We ship on time. We are a company made up of real human beings who listen .

Either with your mouse or your phone, we hope you will contact us, and prove ourselves to you as a security hardware supplier of choice.

Stanley J. Maziuk