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  • The HPC 1200CMB code machine sale ends July 31!
  • If you need a heavy duty commercial exit device, try the Hager 4500 Rim Exit Device backed by Hager's lifetime warranty.
  • The surface-mounted RITE Touch RT1050D provides flexible, keyless access control for single or double all-glass doors.
  • If you need a Heavy Duty, Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional Grade 1 Mortise Lock with a Lifetime Warranty, look no further than the Hager 3800 Series.
  • The Classroom Intruder, in the case of a lockdown, the staff can use their key on the inside of the room without having to go into the hallway. Search Tips Search Tips


To find an item, in the search bar at the top of each page you may put any combination of a part number, description or manufacturer name.


For instance, if you were looking for DSC smoke detectors, you could input the words “DSC” and “smoke” to see all of the DSC brand smoke detectors we stock.


If you have trouble finding what you want, consider using less criteria.  For instance, if you searched for “batteries”, you may not find many because the description in our system is usually “battery”.  But if you tried “batt”, you would get many more results.


So, if you are not sure, try using LESS of a description to find more results.


You may also search by product category on the left margin of the home page.  Suppose you wanted to view all of the exit devices we stock.  At the left margin click Door Hardware, then click the Exit Devices icon.  You are now viewing close to 400 products. 


At this screen you now have a list of all exit device brands on the left margin.  If you wanted to view only our Arrow exit devices, for instance, click on  Arrow Lock and your screen will show you our stock of Arrow exit devices and trim.


Over time our product categories will become even more developed so you can narrow your search more quickly.