190S-32D 8x34 KICK PLATE
190S-32D 8x34 KICK PLATE
190S-32D 8x34 KICK PLATE
Maziuk P/N: HAG001932D
Manufacturer: HAGER
$41.38 Each
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190S-32D 8x34 KICK PLATE
- NFPA 80 Standards
- 6.4.5 Protection Plates
- Factory installed protection plates shall be installed in accordance with the listing of the door.
- Field installed protection plates shall be labeled and installed in accordance with their listing.
- Labeling shall not be required where the top of the protection plate is not more than 16" (406mm) above the bottom of the door.

- 0.050" (1 mm)

- Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel

- US3, US4, US10, US10B, US28, US32, US32D

- None

- Furnish item #, height, width, and finish (i.e., 190S 6'' x 30'', US32D).
- Plates are sized on even inches. Odd size available and priced to next larger size.
- May be ordered with counter sunk holes (specify "CSK") at extra charge.

- UL listed for US32 and US32D (must specify UL stamp)
- Self-adhesive tape available on all plates
- Spanner head screws
- Torx head screws
- Round corners
- Wrap around side and bottom return
- 0.125" material

- Meets ANSI A156.6 for J101 Metal Armor Plate, J102 Metal Kickplate, and J103 Metal Mop Plate