SZ1/4X72F SPEAR-ZIT 1/4X72 FLX (D)
SZ1/4X72F SPEAR-ZIT 1/4X72 FLX (D)
SZ1/4X72F SPEAR-ZIT 1/4X72 FLX (D)
Maziuk P/N: LSD0612720
$29.93 Each
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Spear-Zit™ - Directional Drill Bits
These unique diamond shaped Spear-Zit™ bits will not "walk" like spiral bits. Just seat the sharp "spear" tip into your wood target surface, angle your bit to the desired direction and drill. The patented drill bit head is designed to drill a straight line path allowing you to drill a straight hole at any angle. Fabricated from hardened steel, these bits are easily re-sharpened with a file.

Special Features include:
Cleanly drills through knots and nails.
Will not catch or unravel carpet fibers like spiral bits
Flexible shafts (1/4" and 3/8" bits) permit drilling in confined spaces.
Easy to re-sharpen at the job site.