38/43C 1-3/4" PADLOCK (D)
38/43C 1-3/4" PADLOCK      (D)
38/43C 1-3/4" PADLOCK (D)
Maziuk P/N: ABU038420C
Manufacturer: ABUS
$4.70 Each
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38/43C 1-3/4" PADLOCK (d)
No. 38 Series Padlock / Abus Warded Laminated Padlock

ABUS Warded 38 Laminated Series have a laminated steel lock body and are plated to resist rust and corrosion. Provide general security for medium- to light-duty applications. Limited moving parts in the locking mechanism make it ideal for conditions where sand, dirt or ice are a problem. Standard steel shackle for cut resistance.

Features: Rugged construction; Dependable warded spring bolt mechanism; Fully galvanized for corrosion protection; Steel shackle.
Keying: Choose Keyed Different (KD) or Keyed Alike (KA). All No. 38 Series Padlocks will come with 2 keys.
Width: Select Width -- 1-1/2" (38.1mm) or 1-3/4" (44.5mm)

Padlock Combinations:

- No. 38/40 C KD (Keyed Different).
- No. 38/40 B KA (Keyed Alike).
- No. 38/43 C KD (Keyed Different, 9/32" Shackle Diameter).
- No. 38/43 B KA (Keyed Alike, 9/32" Shackle Diameter).