20006 12 oz TRIFLOW SPRAY
20006 12 oz TRIFLOW SPRAY
20006 12 oz TRIFLOW SPRAY
Maziuk P/N: TRI0200160
Manufacturer: TRI-FLOW
$19.30 Each
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TRI-FLOW Combines PTFE with complex carrying agents, to form highly durable film, and virtually eliminates wear on moving parts. Falex load test - max load 3700lbs, temperature range -53 C - + 246 C


Dirt, dust, sand and other abrasive matter are dispersed by the bearing action of the PTFE particles. Surfaces are cleaned and kept clean. Repels moisture - see above


TRI-FLOW'S special non-acidic solvents break down carbon deposits, hardened grease, sludge and grimy film and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas.

Prevents Corrosion

Displaces moisture, preventing the formation of ice, rust and other corrosives. TRI-FLOW dissolves the crystalline structure caused by moisture, salt and alkalies. Acid-free, it releases seized parts

Long Lasting Lubrication

with extremely low viscosity and surface tension,TRI-FLOW'S exceptional lubrication virtually eliminates friction - friction coefficient 0.08. With TRI-FLOW the need for reapplication is reduced by up to 90%.