2000-3  26D LOCK SWITCH ( D) W/TIME DELAY  (D)
Maziuk P/N: SIM0020003
Manufacturer: KABA SIMPLEX
$297.00 Each
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The 2000 Series switch control provides fully
mechanical pushbutton access control for electrically
operated equipment. After entering the correct
combination, the thumbturn may be activated once
before returning to locked mode. Depending on the
model, the thumbturn may open or close a momentary
switch, or trip a timed switch that remains
energized for an adjustable length of time.
Designed for surface mounting on a wall or frame,
any distance from the device being controlled.
2000 Series switch controls are ideal for limiting
access to elevators, parking garages, gates and
maglock and electric strike doors such as apartment
building entrances, alarm systems or any other
security sensitive electrical equipment that incorporates
a latching relay in a commercial, industrial
or residential setting. These switch controls are perfect
for locations with a high personnel turnover
rate such as data processing centers, employee
entrances, service elevators, R&D labs, and restricted
areas in hospitals, offices, hotels and airports. Can
be used as a convenient and secure reset switch on
equipment such as escalators, elevators, and
machinery for use after an emergency shutdown.
The pushbutton design eliminates problems
associated with the issue, control, and collection
of keys and magnetic cards. The combination can
be quickly and easily changed to ensure continued
maximum security once employees, tenants, or
guests leave, saving the cost of new keys, key
cylinders, magnetic cards, and card-encoding
devices. The combination is changed without
removing the switch control from the wall.
Mechanical control of electrical switch:
The lock does not draw current.
Versatile: Compatible with existing wiring systems;
operates all makes and voltages of electric releases.
Can be wired for fail-safe or fail-secure.
One-hand operation: Depress the buttons
in the correct sequence and rotate the thumbturn
to activate the switch.
Thousands of possible combinations:
Authorized individuals can change the combination
in seconds. One or all five buttons can be used
in the combination with two or more buttons
depressed simultaneously.
Visual shield: Restricts observation of user codes.
Rugged & weather resistant:
The lock is wear-tested for intensive use.
Key locked cover: Allows convenient combination
changes by authorized personnel only. Conceals
all mounting hardware to discourage tampering.
Easy to install: Simple mounting procedure
and only two wires to connect.
Includes: Installation instructions, full-scale
template, combination change key.
Contact Options
Momentary contact switch for operating
equipment with built-in timers or latching relays
such as garage door openers, gates and elevators.
For maglock and electric strike installation,
control must be positioned so thumbturn can
be rotated and held while door is opened.
Variable time delay for electric strikes and
equipment that needs to remain energized for a
set interval. Allows the user to reach the door from
the switch control, which can be placed at any
convenient location. The pneumatic timer draws no
current and is unaffected by changes in voltage.
Electrical rating: UL-rated switch; 10.5 Amps
at 125-250 VAC; 10.5 Amps at 28 VDC
Construction: All metal; cast front housing
Stile Width: 31⁄8 (79 mm) minimum stile
or space required for mounting
Installation: Surface mounted any distance from
equipment controlled
Timer: Maintains a closed or open circuit for
2-60 seconds, variable with an adjustment screw.
NO and NC contacts.
Control: Includes keys for combination change
Finishes: 26D (626) Satin Chrome
Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Environment: Time delay models operate
from +15F to 120F (-9C to 49C)