Maziuk P/N: ILCY004011
Manufacturer: KABA ILCO
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Accurate, simple to operate and versatile the 040HD is a Dual Option Key Machine that is designed to work as either an automatic or manual type duplicator. The 040HD accepts longer length keys and those with oversized heads. Equipped with Super Jaw3 four-position vise jaws, the 040HD grips virtually any cylinder key without the need for adapters. The offset carriage allows for gauging keys from the tips where necessary.
Features: Super Jaw 3, “secure grip” four-position vise jaws; securely clamps most residential, padlock or automotive keys without the need for adapters, including double-sides types; Permanently lubricated cutter spindle shaft ball bearings rather bushings, bearings are usually found on more expensive models; Hardened carriage shaft and cutter spindle provide extended service life; Fast spindle speed provides smoother cuts; Titanium coated P-CU20 milling cutter is made from quality hardened tool steel; Dial type depth adjustment system greatly simplifies calibration and improves accuracy; Circuit-breaker protection; Features a “Soft Touch” deburring brush; Accommodates large bow and long blade keys; Dual Function: Operate in Automatic mode for convenience or Manual mode for special situations.
Motor: 110V-AC Standard.
Vise Jaws: Super Jaw 3, four-position.
Cutter: P-CU20 milling cutter, flat left side.
Brush: 814-00-51.
Dimensions: 15-1/2” (W) x 16” (D) x 8-1/2” (H).